Stirring Silence

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Date: 26th November to 28th November
Place: Atrium, Alliance Française de Bangalore

Dhanaraj Keezhara’s new series of paintings captures the emotions associated with rain and illuminates nature’s silent motions. It takes the viewer from blue swirling winds and black clouds of gloom to shafts of light and liveliness, and to rain-drenched green fields of happiness. Nostalgic imagination, ideological perspective, economic and political commentary and ethnic insight all weave themselves together. Finally, it is these merging streams of artistic intuition and current reality that draws in the viewer. Further, the paintings describe that in between the emotions and politics, in between the drizzles and raindrops, there is a moment of silence. It is in this silent space one can meditate and search oneself.

These paintings are entwined symbolically and emotionally to the sensitive moments of stirring natural and cultural cosmos. The surface of the canvas, where the interplay of bright colours and   floating creepers and thrones produces a stunning optical illusion, is an indicative of the natural dynamism.

However, the inner landscapes of the paintings are a recollection of nature’s multiple moments of displacement and resistance, naturally protected inhabitations and at the same, it replete with various cultural memories and its fragments. Both the surface and the inner space of the paintings are connected through live mobility of nature and culture or through a vibration of natural resistance. The motion of various objects and creatures enables to translate a melancholy of surreal nature and a moment of meditation. The canvas is swirling and swishing with nature’s rhythms and heartbeats where the artist recreates a pause or a meaningful meditation in motion.

Dhanaraj Keezhara’s work emerges from the negotiations of people with their society and environment. Fired by a belief in art's ability to heal and renew a world torn asunder by violence and strife, he has continuously involved himself in community initiatives and education. At Present, He is working as art and media teacher at CHRISTEL HOUSE INDIA  Bangalore.

Dr. Sujith Parayil


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