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Walk through the silences,  to hear the waves of pain  This new series of paintings illuminate a monographic journey of the artist through various moments of life. It is a walk through the silences where one can hear the waves of pain and see the dance of shadow and light. His simple, but powerful lines and sketches extend the story of shades on the face, the rustling sound of nature and also unveil the pace of ‘modern-time’. Indecipherable staring, unidentifiable desires, breeze and shades of the night, posture of loneliness, texture of figures and voices are part of this shadow play. Each canvas is replete with an enduring silence and stillness. However, it is the spread of shades, screeching winds, pause of insanity which breaks the silence and creates a splinter of shadow light.

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The handmade canvas, tea-wash experiment, and charcoal sketches further anticipate and produce an aesthetics of a mysterious content.  Adding to his various experiences, Dhanaraj has lived and worked with several indigenous communities in India. These unique experiences and dialogues continue to enrich his work. He has also presented many successful art exhibitions in Bangalore, including Truth From The Margins (2009), Mind Raining (2010), and Stirring Silence (2011), in addition, his work has been shown at many a private collection in India and abroad.  Dhanaraj Keezhara is a visual media teacher at Christel House India in Bangalore.


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