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This Environment Day again tell us about the losing greenery and ecosystems. It reminds us once again that loss of this greenery and disappearance of rivers and streams is caused by us through our activities.

We believe that soil is an ever giving resource and is un limited .But science tells us that through uncontrolled destructive activities this resource can get depleted and can eliminate the human culture from this earth for ever.

Humans and society are one and the same. They are inseparable although there is individuality and the feeling of one self . Human activities influence society’s conscience . Similarly art and literature has a great role in establishing a society.

On this Environment Day, dreaming of a day when human, soil and other living beings become one , a sculpture is being presented here. This is being presented to smt Sugathakumari teacher , well known poet and who is in the fore front of the environment and social struggles in Kerala. This work is named SUGATHA. Dhanaraj keezhara, an artist from Keezhara, Kannapuram and Head of Art and Media Department in Christel House school, Bangalore is the artist. It took him 10 days of hard work during this summer season.

“ I am a villager in my mind. My village Keezhara, people, reading room here and its environment has influenced me a lot deeply. All these have come to my paintings. The experience from Keezhara village , childhood readings all have influenced me during my youth and made me what I am today. So keezhara and its environs comes to my paintings naturally . I do not make any extra effort for this “

I received the basics of sculpturing from Asokan poduval. I learnt from other artists also and developed my own style.

We have learnt about human culture , history and development from remnants of clay products from Mohenjo Harappa to Payangodu near Kannapuram in Kannur. In this modern times we even brand clay products . Our greed has made us part of a dangerous consumer culture. I think my sculpture should tell some message to people and should not be just a show case piece.

SUGATHA can be understood in various ways. It depicts the realities of human who is getting alienated from nature. On one side it raises questions of human and on the other side it gives answers . On one side it depicts the anxious human face, flowers, rivers, trees etc and on the other side a gigantic human body with a face. This looks at the sky with indifference . The indifferent human face asks what next. We can see ourselves in this vulnerable face. On the other side we can see in this sculpture , a hill or a termite mound which is covered by nature and sky which remain a part of human. Various symbols in the poems of Sugathakumari - water, birds, degrading soil, violated childhood, loving mother- all is beautifully ingrained in this work. One can see the emotions in her poems also here. The sculpture totally communicates.

Dhanaraj is not an abstract artist. Each symbol tells us something. It tells us about the need for a harmonious linkage between human and nature. It has to be strictly followed in the case of food, clothing and housing, the basics of our life . We have to get back to some fundamental values in life.

We are going through a polluted era. Where ever we look we see pollution and waste . We are losing our purity. Pure water, pure air all are getting commodified. The un controlled development is making our soil dry and infertile . Without good soil we won’t have a good life . Forest, ocean , rivers, soil all are getting destroyed and we have to take responsibility to stop this .

This sculpture stands different due to a different experience the artist has gone through in his art and life and also due to his his clear world view . His work clearly tells about how to face todays’ challenges meaningfully and build a new development approach with confidence . Hence this sculpture should reach more people .This sculpture asks for a life style which does not harm mother earth .

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