Every Day Life: The Repertoire of Ritual and Performance

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Every Day Life: The Repertoire of Ritual and Performance” is a multi-media collaboration between Artist Dhanaraj Keezhara, and US sound artist Diana Chester. Visual and sound artist come together to collectively explore the rich culture and history of Theyyam through the lens of marginalized communities and their life. This Project brings together photographs, paintings, drawings, and sound recordings of the Theyyam Festival.

Dhanaraj uses his critical photographic eye paired with his incredible talent as a visual artist to capture the Theyyam performers in the midst of their regular preparatory activities from applying face painting, and helping performers with their costumes, to preparing materials on the Theyyem premise. The subtle nature of his line drawings, interspersed with accents of color to highlight costumes and mask designs is a cornerstone of Dhanaraj’s stylistic approach to the subject matter his work explores. His work relies on the use of engaging techniques which fuse digital media and traditional drawing and painting approaches. The resulting artistic creations are fresh, yet traditional, appealing to the eye and yet different enough to draw the audience’s attention inward to his creations, as they search for meaning and information within his visual pieces.

About Diana Chester
Diana Chester is a media artist, musician and university lecturer in the Arts at New York University in Abu Dhabi.
Diana’s sonic installation draws the audience’s attention to the nuance of sounds that may often be lost in the cacophony of the Festival. By manipulating visual and sonic expression in new ways, she invites people to explore social relationships that they might not otherwise consider. The artistry in her craft comes from years of working in sound and manipulation of recorded sound. She recreates sonic moments in the festival that may go undetected against the backdrop of the otherwise boisterous performances and musical numbers.

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